33 Trusted Ways to make money online in 2022


There are many 33 trusted ways to make money online, which one do you choose?

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Johnny Ward, an Irishman who used to travel to Taiwan. By writing a travel blog on the Internet, a poor college graduate has turned into a net earner who earns millions of dollars a year.

Taiwan ’s YouTube celebrity Cai Aga. It has a huge fan base of more than 2 million. Through advertising revenue such as product endorsements, the annual revenue is estimated to be more than 10 million Taiwan dollars.

Many ways to make money on the Internet, some easy to operate, and some need to be some of the skills. Also, the drop in income is also very large. From a monthly income of less than a hundred to several hundred thousand dollars has. The difference between them Where is it?

There are not many ways of earning money online. You’d better be able to select a net earning project with a large income potential. Work hard and continue to operate. Make a profitable field first and then start thinking about other net earning models.

Engaged in the network to make money and avoid a three-minute heat. Continue to pursue the so-called bright profitable project opportunities (Shining Objects). The results may not be as proficient, but also lost big money.

Afu has collected more than 30 popular online earning methods for your reference here. Whether you want to start a business online or work part-time, you can choose the appropriate online earning method according to your ability and time.

33 Trusted Ways to make money online in 2022-2023

The methods of making money online can generally be classified into four categories:

  • Make money online at zero cost
  • Online store selling products
  • Operate a blog or YouTube channel
  • Receive money to make a case, to be a freelance worker

Analysis and Comparison of Online Money-making Methods

1. Make money online at zero cost

Although this type of money-making model does not require capital investment, you need to spend a lot of time to earn a considerable income.

You may often see a variety of money-making opportunities on the Internet, such as “Make money through questionnaires”, “Make money from advertising”, “Make money from emails”, “Make money from recommendations”, “Make money from registration” or “Make money from surfing” and so on. Among them are questionnaires Surveys and advertising are the most popular.

1. Fill in the questionnaire to make money

This is arguably the most formal model of making money at zero cost. You participate in market surveys of certain companies through an online questionnaire survey platform. The company obtains the desired data, and thus you receive relative monetary feedback. Usually, the bonus income of a questionnaire is about $ 2 ~ $ 4. The more popular questionnaire survey platforms are as follows:  Toluna questionnaire surveyOpinionWorldValued Opinions, and Rakuten Insight online questionnaire survey.

2. Click on the ad to make money (or watch the ad to make money)

Click to make money is very simple and the entry threshold is low. It is the first choice for many online earners to make money. Basically, the advertising price is between $ 0.01 and ~ 0.001 per click. The more famous platforms are sense (formerly ClixSense).

3. Video games make money

If you often play large online games like GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto 5), Black Desert (Black Desert), League of Legends (LOL, League of Legends), etc., it takes a long time to invest in your accumulated game equipment and props Or it may be a lot of game currency, at this time you can use some video game trading platforms to sell these things to people in need.
Of course, there are many people who want to buy your own premium member account. In addition, you can also provide gameplay services, patronize some game test platforms, play games and earn some pocket money.
Notable game trading platforms such as  8591 Treasure Trading Network, and foreign ones are Player Auctions, and Account Warehouse.
Video games can make more or less money. Some people even start a company to set up a game work team to operate on a large scale. Generally, individual players unless they are top players or professional e-sports players, otherwise their income is generally not high.
However, Afu is here to introduce a very potential game to make money, which is to be the game live host. You can use YouTube, FB Facebook live or Twitch to run your own game channel. You may not know the current world 10 Five of the big YouTube celebrities started with gaming channels. Their annual income is above TWD 400 million !!!

4. Shrink URL to make money

Shorten the intermediary platform through the URL, and shorten the URL of interesting and good-looking articles or videos. And share and post to the community website (FB, IG, LINE) or other websites to earn income.
It works in the way that when a visitor clicks on the short URL link, an ad page will be taken in the process of going to the destination URL. The general income is about USD 1,000 to 1,000 USD per 1,000 clicks. This type of money-making platform is easy to apply. The more famous ones are Adf.ly and Boo. tw.

5. Make money with a mobile App

The tasks are similar to the above platforms. They are mainly used to watch videos, order advertisements, do questionnaires, play games, etc. through the mobile app. To earn cash or gift cards. Interested friends can refer to the following money-making apps: Big Time Cash, appKarma, GrabPoints, Make Money.

2. Engaged in e-commerce, selling products on the Internet

Selling on the Internet is arguably the most traditional and one of the most time-tested and effective ways to make money online. The products to be sold can be developed by yourself or sold by other companies. The types can be simple It is divided into physical products or digital products (such as e-books, software, videos, etc.).

6. Open a store on an auction platform or online mall

The advantages of selling on an auction platform or online store are that the website has a high degree of trust and visitor traffic. As long as your product is good and the price is reasonable, it can bring good sales performance. Its disadvantage is that you must pay for the use of the platform (such as shelf fees, and sales proceeds).
Famous Chinese e-commerce platforms include open-air, Qimo, shrimp skin, Taobao, Yahoo Auctions, and PChome shopping street. The more famous foreign countries are Amazon.
If you have creative talent, like doing arts and crafts, then you can consider using Taiwan  Pinkoi, mainland wow thiophene network, or platform leader in the field of international Etsy to explore business opportunities.

7. Set up an online store by yourself

You can build your own online store through Shopify, Shopline, or WordPress plus the WooCommerce shopping cart system. Compared with other e-commerce service platforms such as Taobao, the advantages of this type of self-service online store opening platform are that you can When it becomes its own official website, it is easier to build a brand image and have more independent sales control.

8. Dropshipping transshipment delivery (direct shipping)

This is a zero-stock e-commerce business model. The operation is very similar to general purchasing. After the customer pays for purchases in your online store, you place an order and notify the supplier to ship directly to the customer.
This kind of e-commerce business model requires small funds and no pressure on inventory. For detailed operation methods, please refer to this article:  Shortcuts for Internet Shops of Petty Bourgeoisie.

9. POD customized merchandise store

The most representative product of Print on Demand (POD, Print on Demand) is a customized T-shirt.
A few years ago, there was a wave of the online gold rush. Many people put the designed T-shirts on Teespring ‘s customized service platform for display, and then bought FB Facebook ads, which brought huge exposure. (About 10 or more), only to notify the service provider to print and drop ship directly to the customer.
At present, there are many service platforms that provide POD, and there are more than dozens or even hundreds of personalized products that can be printed. In addition to T-shirts, everything from mugs, mobile phone cases, key rings, and shopping bags have become It can be customized sales items.
Since the printed art patterns are mostly personal artistic creations and have the copyright of the design, customized products are less likely to be imitated, and vicious price competition. For those interested in opening an online store, it may be an alternative development. Direction.
In addition to the Teespring mentioned above, the POD service platform can also refer to Kustom, Printful, and Printify.

10. Auction second-hand goods

You can usually see if there are things in your home that you haven’t used for more than 1 year. In addition to occupying seats, they may not be used in the future. The best solution at this time may be online auctions!
You can use Yahoo auctions in Taiwan, open-air auctions. Foreign eBay and other auction platforms sell second-hand antiques, clothing or computer games, etc. eBay is currently the world’s largest online auction platform. You may wish to focus on business On this platform. After all, European and American buyers are quite accepting of second-hand goods, and the bids are relatively generous.

11. Sales sublicense (PLR) products

Use sublicense (PLR, Private Label Right) to sell downloadable digital products. These include e-books, videos, application software, or art galleries that can transfer copyright.
Generally, the copyright of sub-licensed products can be roughly divided into full buyouts and partial buyouts. Many sub-authorized products allow you to modify the content directly, translate, and hang your own name as the author to sell for profit.
Another commonly used place for sub-licensed products is to use it as a freebie to build a customer list (List Building). As an important marketing channel for developing customers in the future.
There are quite a few channels for obtaining sublicensed products. The simpler way is to join the membership of sublicensed supplier platforms. These platforms generally have two levels free and paid. You can try its free products first. Consider paid upgrades.
A is currently using this English  IDplr.com. Of course, you can also find some sub-authorized suppliers in Chinese, but it seems that the membership fee is quite high.

12. Sell ​​your own photographs

Don’t delete the photos you usually take. You can sell your copyright of photographic works through the photo service platform.
Internet marketing staff often need to test many landing pages with photos when placing ads (Media Buy). Let’s see which ads are better. One of the secrets is: “ Use natural simplicity Photos tend to have a higher click-through rate (CTR, Click Through Rate) than professional photographs. “
So don’t underestimate your daily photography, ordinary and simple photos are sometimes better than professional photography. The recommended platforms are Shutterstock123RF, Adobe Stock

13. Take advantage of free classified ads

You can post goods for sale or provide paid services on a free advertising platform. Unfortunately, since Kijiji Qijiji withdrew from the Taiwan market. At present, it seems that there is no online classified advertising website with enough traffic.
Probably this type of advertisement has gone to the Facebook auction market (Facebook Marketplace) or the community In addition, the PTT batch kicking industry workshop is also a big classified advertising distribution center.
Of course, if your main sales target is foreign customers, you can extend your tentacles to Craigslist, the world’s largest classified advertising service platform.

3. Make money by running a blog or YouTube channel

This is the most profitable way. Running a blog requires a lot of energy and time. It is a long-term investment. It may have zero income in half a year.
You can build a niche site or authority site for a specific subject based on your interests or expertise. And you can continuously enrich the content and import traffic.
When your website traffic reaches a certain scale, you can use it to engage in many different methods of making money.
In addition to writing blogs, if you are good at operating other social platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube. As long as there are many fans of subscriptions, it can become a good money-making channel.

14. Google Adsense

It is the most commonly used channel for earning advertising fees on websites, and generally the one with the best advertising bonuses. Some people abroad even earn hundreds of thousands a month, more than office workers. You can refer to this related article:  Google Adsense Is it good or not

15. Do Affiliate Marketing

Join the affiliate marketing platform (Affiliate Networks) to promote other people’s products or services to obtain transaction commissions.
The profitability of affiliate marketing is very large. Some digital products such as e-books, online teaching courses or application software, etc., sometimes give promoters up to 50% of the sales commission. This is a way of making money for novices and veterans generally speaking foreign (mainly European and American) alliance because the market is large, high-income people, the profit-sharing bonus is also relatively more.
Because of this, as long as you can control the network traffic in these countries, regardless of whether its source is free (Google search) or paid (buy advertising), as long as you push their products, the income is definitely better than domestic a lot of.
Alliance marketing can generally be divided into two camps:
CPS (Cost per Sale)-A   sales-oriented alliance. As long as you help to sell a successful product, the alliance will pay you a commission.
In the Chinese market, famous affiliate marketing platforms such as Yahoo! Grand Alliance, Momo earn a little bit, blog to AP strategic alliance, and Taobao (Ali’s mother). The
more famous in Europe and America are  Amazon Alliance (Amazon Associates)eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction (CJ), ClickBank, etc.
CPA (Cost per Action)-A  business-oriented alliance. You only need to guide visitors to complete the tasks required by the alliance (such as completing the registration list, mobile App download, etc.), and you can get rewards.
In addition, you may also see some other affiliate marketing terms, such as CPI (Cost per Install), CPL (Cost per Lead), etc. Because of their similar nature, they can generally be classified under the CPA project.
CPA alliance Chinese platform can refer to the alliance network, channels channel king. Good foreign countries such as MaxBounty, and Mobidea.

16. Operate advertising to make money (Media Buying)

This can be said to be one of the shortcuts to getting rich quick on the Internet. Advertising is not like blogs and YouTube channels, it takes a long time to operate. As long as you are willing to spend money, you can immediately use the purchased Internet traffic to obtain Profit.
Another advantage of advertising is that it is very expandable. As long as you successfully test out a winning combination that makes money, that is an accurate advertising audience, a good advertising copy, and a landing page. You can quickly expand Go to other countries or different types of advertising platforms.
Since the network traffic bought can be very huge, the potential for profit is also very considerable. The daily income of powerful masters often comes to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. This type of online earning is risky and requires The funds invested are often very large.
Because advertising requires very professional knowledge and skills in operation, novices with little experience often end up losing money. Therefore, they must first have certain relevant professional knowledge before continuous investment, after continuous advertising testing and effectiveness analysis, In order to increase their chance of success.
Generally, the use of advertising to make money is mainly to operate the CPA affiliate marketing promotion scheme. The method is mainly to import the purchased advertising traffic to the product sales page/landing page through Facebook or other advertising trading platforms, and from there to convince visitors, To reach the action of task completion.
In addition to the well-known FB ads, this year’s popular types of advertising are push notification ads. If you are doing a foreign market, buying advertising traffic on Pinterest and Snapchat also has a high-profit potential.
Now sort out the current popular advertising platform:
  • Keyword Advertising-Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Social media advertising-FB, IG
  • Native ads-Outbrain, Taboola
  • Push notification (push)-Admaven, Pushground
  • A pop-up window (pop)-PopAds

17. Operating a YouTube channel

When everyone loves celebrities. Make videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. As long as there are enough viewers, you can make money through Google Adsense or product endorsements.
American  Forbes (Forbes)  has reported that in the top 10 rankings in 2018 YouTuber’s most profitable, there are five is to earn annual revenues of more than four hundred million NT dollars through the introduction of video games. A Taiwanese network Red Valley Mo Ye built its huge profit-making channel by introducing movies.

18. FB Fan Page / Corporate Management

The Facebook fan page/community with many fans is a good channel to do product sales or become a spokesperson for the product. In addition, you can also set up a business area on the fan page. Sell products directly to fans.
However, in recent years, due to changes in Facebook policies, the hit rate of fan page posts has not been as high as before. As a result, many marketing opportunities have been reduced.
A solution is to use the Facebook Messenger chatbot to interact with fans and use the related subscription scheduling function to do planned shopping guide marketing. The well-known FB chat robot can refer to as Satisfy.
In addition, many online marketing workers are gradually shifting their focus to the FB community. Facebook clubs generally have a higher interaction rate than fan pages. Since members can be selected in advance, the customer base is even more For precision. Can do more effective online marketing.
Of course, other social media such as IG (Instagram) or LINE are also development channels worth considering

19. When the webcast master

Use the live streaming function of the community website to make money by operating live programming.
The webcast provides a convenient channel for instant interaction with netizens. It can be cooking, singing, selling things, or playing online games. As long as the program is done well, fans will continue to increase. Some ads and industry matching The opportunity to make money will follow.
There are many live streaming channels you can try, such as Facebook live streaming, YouTube live streaming, Instagram lives streaming, LINE Live, and 17 live streaming. In addition, there is the Twitch live streaming platform that can not be missed.

20. Create an online forum

As you may have visited some of the high popularity of the internet forum such as backpackersBahamute video games, etc. They have to sell advertising in the form above. Brought a considerable income for the site.
If you are interested in or specialize in a particular field, such as financial investment, beauty care, etc., you can consider setting up an online forum. Create your own online community.
The advantage of running an online forum is that most of the content on the website is generated by the forum users themselves. As long as you do the management-level work, you can use it to make money.

21. Join other advertising networks

In addition to putting Google Adsense ads on your website to make money, you can also consider using other advertising networks to increase revenue. For example, bloggers in Chinese, Scupio, or Media.net in English.
In addition, some different types of advertising providers are also worth trying for websites with high traffic. The main ones are:
  • Native ads – Outbrain, Taboola, Content. ad
  • Pop-up window ads – PopAds
  • Push notification ads: AdMaven

22. Matching

If your self-media channels (such as blogs, Youtube channels, and fan pages) have a lot of network traffic, then you can make money by way of job matching.
Successive matchmaking can be writing professional matchmaking, making an unboxing video, or directly placing a manufacturer’s advertisement. The rewards that can be obtained are usually determined by the amount of Internet traffic or the number of fans.
Generally speaking, the best way to make money with industry matching is to wait until the daily website traffic exceeds 1000 visits before you will have a chance of success. The average industry-matching manuscript will probably be between $ 1000 ~ and $ 5000. Of course, If you are an A-ca internet celebrity, an industry matching cooperation invitation may receive tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan in remuneration.

23. Domain name investment

The price of buying a .com domain name is currently about 10 US dollars. If you can widely collect domain names with potential for appreciation. Maybe it can be sold at an auction price of tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Famous website auction sites such as GoDaddy domain auction, and Sedo.com.
In addition, you can also do domain parking for domains you haven’t used to earn some additional income.

24. Website Flipping

This is a way to make money on the Internet. It is like buying and selling a middle-aged house. Buying an old house at a low price, refurbishing, and refurbishing it before selling it at a high price. You first buy some potential websites, try to increase the traffic and Revenue, and auction and sell after improvement.
The general auction price is probably about 20 to 40 times the monthly income of the site. That is if your website’s monthly income is $ 10,000 then the site of the transaction price should be between 20 Wan Wan Dao and 40 Between Yuan. English websites can be auctioned through  Flippa or Empire Flipper’s platforms.

25. Electronic Marketing (Email Marketing)

The use of sending emails to promote products, although it is an old-fashioned marketing method, effect is still very good. It has not declined because of the rise of LINE or Facebook Messenger.
Electronic marketing is mainly to collect the list of potential customers (List Building) through the website or by advertisements. Then use these lists to send emails regularly / unscheduled for repeated product sales.
Of course, when creating an email list, you’d better provide some benefits (such as e-books, and joining the FB private community for free), so that visitors are willing to leave information.
In actual operation, you can write dozens of email marketing articles at a time. Then use an automatic newsletter reply system such as MailChimp to help you do the planned delivery. Combine the marketing of the program.
Of course, your email can’t be used to promote or sell every article. This will scare away the readers. You’d better use most of the email to communicate and share with the readers. About 1/3 of life is Gossip, 1/3 of knowledge exchange, and 1/3 of promotion advertising. After each other has established a sense of trust, it is easy to sell what is promoted.
The main profit-making methods of electronic reporting marketing can generally be classified into the following three methods:
  1. Write industry essays or put in sponsor’s advertisements
  2. Promote affiliate marketing products
  3. Selling your own digital products created by others. For example, online teaching courses/videos. Many people make the first pot of gold by selling high-profit knowledge products by buying a list of potential customers created by FB advertisements.
In addition, when operating email marketing, you can consider using Email automatic reply systems such as Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and GetResponse to help you manage newsletter delivery, and do profit analysis.
In addition to Email, you can also use the LINE official account or FB Messenger to do similar marketing work. But these two tools have inherent limitations on the platform, and the function of scheduled sending is not as powerful as email marketing.

4. Be a freelance worker and make money on the case (Freelance)

26. Make money on outsourcing platforms

You can find many different types of money-making projects on the outsourcing website. These tasks can be FB editor, translation files, art design, website construction, or as a personal virtual assistant (Virtual Assistant).
Outsourcing platforms of this type include the Chinese market’s 518 outsourcing networks, 104 outsourcing networks, and Zhubajie Weike. The famous foreign companies include  Fiverr and UpWork.

27. Online Shop Customer Service

The development of e-commerce has also driven a huge demand for customer service. Many online stores require customer service to handle online chatting or email consultation. Sometimes they are also responsible for the arrangement of orders and shipments.

28. Sell ​​digital products developed by yourself to realize knowledge

You can make your professional knowledge or experience into e-books or teaching videos for sale.
Developing and producing digital products yourself (eBooks/teaching course videos) is one of the best ways to build your personal online reputation. It will be a very effective tool for you when doing online marketing. You can not only use it to quickly open yourself At the same time because this type of digital product has a low cost, but there also are no inventory and shipping problems in sales, so it can bring you a high profit.
As for the sales channels, it can be your own blog, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media, or some e-books on the platform Readmoo reading inkRakuten Kobo Writing LifeGoogle Playbooks, etc.
For high-priced knowledge products, due to the large profits, you can also use the product sales page to conduct shopping guides by buying advertisements (FB or Google).

29. Write articles to earn manuscript fees

Contribute online or take some ad copy. The content can be some articles such on catering, travel, and 3C products. For those interested in writing, this is a very convenient money-making channel.
In addition, you can also refer to the use of an online content-sharing platform similar to SOSreader (square grid). To share articles by open subscription, on the one hand, in addition to increasing the exposure of personal works, the platform will be based on the number of subscribers, Provide bonuses according to the ratio.

30. Online courses

You can use the Internet to teach classes or do virtual tutoring. For example, teaching cooking, photography, beauty, computer programs, art design, and foreign languages. Generally, simple remote teaching can be done directly through Skype or FaceTime.
For more complicated courses, consider using online course teaching platforms to help. Famous platforms like Hahow Good SchoolYOTTA, or the famous Udemy and Teachable abroad. 
If you are proficient in other foreign languages, you can also use a shared tutoring platform like AmazingTalker to increase your income.
Of course, in addition to using the online teaching platform provided by a third party, you can also set up a paid subscription membership website (membership site). Provide relevant teaching resources.
Another way is to start an online seminar (webinar). You can use a web conference service platform like GoToMeeting to introduce your courses or products. Communicate and interact with netizens, and you can use this opportunity to collect customer lists and marketing Own products.

31. Virtual currency mining (mining)

In recent years, Bitcoin has become very popular. It has surpassed the price of gold several times. Due to the high return on investment, many early miners have become rich overnight. How to mine has become a network. The road to making money is a hot topic.
The price of the virtual currency fluctuates greatly, and it is difficult to accurately predict whether it can make a profit or lose money in an investment. Therefore, it is more suitable for the bolder to try.
If you have good computer hardware, you can consider joining the mining pool (mining pool) to work together. This type of platform gathers the members’ computer hardware resources to make virtual currency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin) mining to make money. The other two mining methods include personal mining and cloud mining (Cloud Mining).
Personally independent mining because of its limited computer resources, is now very difficult to have a profitable opportunity. As for cloud mining, due to the high investment risk and many investment disputes in foreign countries, it is not recommended for you to adopt it.
Currently well-known mining pools such as Ant Mining Pool, and Slush Pool.

32. Design apps or mobile apps

Application software can be a one-time download or monthly rental (SaaS – Software as a Service). If you are developing a mobile app, you can sell it on Google Play or Apple iTunes.
In addition, if you have expertise in art design. You can also design stickers to sell on LINE STORE. Become a LINE sticker illustrator!

33. Use an online crowdfunding platform to start a business

If you have good innovative ideas or are developing new products with potential, you can try to use the online crowdfunding platform to promote your ideas. Raise funds from interested online investors to accelerate your realization Of entrepreneurial profit goals.
Projects that use Internet crowdfunding (crowdfunding) can be described as varied, it can be handicrafts or technology products. And the funds raised are also different in size. Many abroad can even exceed one million USD.
Taiwan’s online crowdfunding platform Gee has a fundraising case called FlipBag, which attracts more than 10,000 people to sponsor fundraising. In just 3 months, it has raised more than NT $ 69 million.
The online teaching website Hahow good school just mentioned is also an example of crowdfunding. The teacher first publishes the outline of the course to raise funds for the students. After the funds are sufficient, the class will start smoothly.
In addition, the most popular online fundraising platforms in the Chinese market include Flying V in Taiwan, JD.com, and Taobao in China. On the international stage, in addition to Kickstarter, the famous platform, Indiegogo is also very famous.
A also found a case where the Taiwan University of Science and Technology team raised funds on the  Kickstarter platform to develop a 3D Printer for your reference.
Final summary
There are many ways to make money online. Novices may be hesitant at first, I don’t know which online earning project to choose. Afu recommends that you look further, you can start by building a niche according to your interests Niche’s website starts. Although it takes time and labor, its long-term benefit prospects are the biggest.
You can use this type of website to do affiliate marketing, put Google Adsense ads, collect potential customer lists (List Building) or do e-commerce to build your own brand.
For other methods of making money online, some can only make a small amount of money, while others rely too much on a single platform (such as FB, YouTube, and Amazon). If your account is accidentally blocked, it will greatly increase your online business. risk.
As the saying goes, eggs should not be placed in the same basket. In order to reduce your risk of making money online, it is best to be able to choose more than one online earning channel. Work hard. I believe that the future will be successful.
Whether you are a part-time student, a housewife, or a full-time freelance internet worker, be sure to be vigilant about ads that promise to get rich quickly. In addition, some need to pay in advance or provide bank credit card information Money-making projects must also be verified to reduce the risk of being cheated.
Basically, making money through the Internet is like working in other industries. There is no such shortcut. You have to work hard to get the corresponding high compensation. A wishes you success !!!!
PS: The method of making money online is changing with each passing day. Although the Afu Club will update the content from time to time, there may still be a fish that missed the Internet. If you have a good online earning method or experience, I hope to share it with you. You are welcome to leave a message.

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