What is the capital of France why is Paris the Capital of France

Q1.What is the capital of France?

Answer- Paris

Why is Paris the Capital of France?

Known as the City of Lights, Paris has a rich history and culture.  As the capital and largest city of France, it is one of Europe’s major centers of finance, diplomacy, commerce, fashion, science and the arts.  And every year, millions of tourists flock to the city to enjoy its scrumptious food and incredible sights.  But has Paris always been the bustling city it is today?  How did it become the capital of France in the first place?

  Let us know the history of Paris and how it became the capital of this magnificent country.

Capital of france

  The history of Paris dates back to the third century BCE, when Paris, a Celtic tribe, settled on the banks of the Seine River.  The land would eventually become an important trading center.  However, in 52 BCE, this small village was overtaken by the Romans, and named it Lutetia (more formally, Lutetia Perisiorum).

  Eventually, the city came to be known as Paris and later Paris.  Christianity would arrive in the region in the third century AD, thanks to St. Denis, who would become the first bishop of Paris.  After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the city was annexed by Clovis I, King of the Frocks.  He made Paris the capital of his empire in 508.

  The King of the Carolingian dynasty, who came to power in 751, would transfer Frank-Capitol to the Aix-la-Chapelle.  Little attention was paid to Paris, which became a religious center more than anything else.

  After the Treaty of Verdun (843), the Carolingian Empire was divided into three branches.  The western part came to be known as West Francia.  In 987, Hugh Capet, Count of Paris and Duke of the Franks, was elected as the king of the region and formed the Capetian dynasty.  Gradually, Paris would rise to prominence as the city was built with walls and royal palaces.  By the Middle Ages, Paris would become the most important city in Europe, serving as the political, economic, religious and cultural capital of France.

  The Capetians, and their cadet branches — Valios and Bourbon — would rule the capital of France until 1792, when the monarchy was abolished during the French Revolution.

Why is Paris the Capital of France?

  The Empire of France faced very adverse conditions throughout its history.  While Paris served largely as capital during this period, external forces occasionally replaced it.  However, until the 19th century the status of Paris would be safe.

  After the French Revolution, a French Republic was established in 1792.  In 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte took over the republic, eventually making himself emperor of the French Empire in 1804.  Shortly afterwards, he will begin a series of projects with this objective.  Turning Paris into a royal capital that would rival the great cities of the past — it included building bridges, castles and monuments dedicated to military glory.

  Despite two more revolutions in 1830 and 1848, development in Paris would continue into the 19th century.  Paris became known as a fashion capital during this time, and the construction of monuments such as the Eiffel Tower would help transform the city.  A popular tourist destination.

  Paris was heavily bombed during World War I and under German occupation during World War II.  But during the inter-war period, Paris flourished as a center of modern art, attracting intellectuals, writers and artists from all over the world.

  Today, Paris remains home to a plethora of monuments, gardens, bridges, museums and more, all of which help make Paris one of the most beautiful and attractive capitals in the world.


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